Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois (2024)

1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 i PAGE TEN ALTON EVENING TELEGRAPH Rye Futures Up 3 Cents at Times Wheat, Corn and Barley Also Firm CHICAGO, July 25, -Shortand commission house covering. extended the advances in rye futures today and the market climbed around 3 cents a bushel at times. Wheat, corn and barley also were firm most of the session, and oats advanced fractionally. Bids for cash rye were reported ronsiderably above the September futures price, and trade authorities said this Indicated a tight cash sitnation. There also was expected to be more distiller demand, since corn will be banned in alcohol manufacture after Aug.

1. Receipts were: Wheat 190 cars. corn 71, oats 49, soybeans 2. Wheat closed 10 higher than the previous finish, Septembrr corn was unchanged to up. September oats were lower to higher, September rye was up 1 to cent, September and harley was to cent higher, September Chicago Cash Grain CHICAGO, July 25.

WHEAT--No, 2 red, 1.67-1.67½; No. 1 hard, 1.66-1.66%; No. 3 mixed, 1.64%: No. 2 mixed 1.65¼. CORN--No.

5 yellow, 1.15%. OATS--No. 1 mixed, 67; No. 1 mixed heavy, 671-68; No. 1 white heavy, No.

1 special red, 68; No. 1 special heavy red, 69. BARLEY Malting, 1.24-1.39½: nominal; feed, 1.12-1.23, nominal. RYE--No. 2, 1.53.

Chicago Grain Futures High Low Close WHEAT Sept. 1.641 1.63% 1.64¾-½ Dec. 1.64½ 1.63% 1.64⅝-½ May 1.64% 1.63½ 1.64¼-% July 1.60% 1.58¾ 1.59¼ CORNSept. 1.181 Dec. 1.18% 1.18¼ 1.18% May 1.18% 1.181 1.18% OATSSept.

64 64 Dec. 64 May 65 July RYESept. 1.43 1.44⅝•¾ Dec. 1.40¼ 1.38 1.39%-% May 1.36% 1.34 1.35⅞ BARLEYSept. 1.13¼ 1.12½ 1.12% Dec.

1.13½ 1.12½ 1.12% May 1.13% 1.12¼ 1.13 St. Louls Cash Grain ST. LOUIS, July 25, (P)-Cash grain: WHEAT 155 cars, sold 44, to up; No. 1 Red winter 171; tuff No. 2 red winter 10 171; No.

3 red winter No. 4. red No. 3 light licky garlicky No. No.

4 2 light red garlicky 1664; No. 3 red garlicky No. 4 red garlicky 1641; No, 1 hard wheat No. 1 mixed wheat Corn 25 cars, sold steady, Oats 28 cars, sold 13; ateady; No. 1.

white sample No. 1 mixed No. 1 red Livestock Prices At East St. Louis NATIONAL STOCKYARDS, July 25 UP)--(USDA) --Hogs 3500; about 2600 in early; active, generally steady market except weak tendency on feeders; all weights and grades slaughter barrows and gilts 14.70; sows and most stags 13.95; bulk feeders under 140 lbs. 16.50-17; one lot 17.25; breeders gilts under 180 lbs.

18.50-17; prompt early clearance. CATTLE. 3500; calves 1700; about 20 loads native steers and 11 loads western grass steers, 9 of the latter being holdovers; approximately 40 percent of total run cows; market slow but about steady on native steers; one load cholce nolive 17.25; three loads good 1159- 1440 lb. western steers 15.25: 1126 Ibe, 15.10; other classes fairly dull and under pressure; few bulls weak to 25 lower; good heavy beet bulls around 13, with medium and good anusage bulls 10.75-12.50; vealers mostly steady; choice leargely 16; medium and good 12.50-15; range slaughter steers slaughter hellers stocker and feeder steers SHEEP 3500; approximately 3000 In early; mostly all native spring lambs; good and choice kinds predominating; early Indications and few bids stendy at 15.25; some held upward to 15.50; fat ewes unchanged, mostly practical top 7.50. Greenfield Senator and Mrs.

Edward V. Long and daughter, Ann Garner, Bowling Green, were guests of Mrs. Long's parents, Mr. and Mrs. R.

G. Secor, Sunday. A. L. Lawrence of Jerseyville spent from last Thursday until Monday with his grandparents, Mr.

and Mrs. A. C. Langley, while his mother was visiting relatives in Chicago. Mr.

and Mrs. J. R. Stickel will be guests of their son-in-law and daughter, Mr. and Mrs.

Clifford Gaither, al Springfield Thursday. A celebration is being planned for the birthdays and the wedding anniversary of Mr. and Mrs. Gaither, which occured day. Mrs.

Don R. Plumb arrived from Davenport, Is, Wednesday for visit with her mother, Mrs. Eleanore Mitchell, her brother, Sgt. Ellis Mitchell. Sgt.

Mitchell will leave next week for mant. Plumb will arrive tater In the week. Buy More War Bonds Massachusetts $100 Vet Bonus Isn't All Velvet BOSTON, July 25, Massachusetts veterans of World War II will receive a cash bonus of $100 each under a legislative act signed today by Gov. Maurice J. Tobin.

Tax-minded observers at the statehouse, however, figured that it would not be all velvet for the veterans. The measure levies additional taxes on various Items including liquor and cigarets for a period of six years to pay the cost estimated at $93,000,000, That total Includes provision for a $33.000,000 loan fund. And here's how the Beacon the statehouse address -satisticians calculated: If a veteran and his wife each smoke a pack of cigarets a day, the new 2-cents-a-pack tax would cost them $87.64 cents In six years. Assuming, also, that they buy a quart of liquor once in three weeks for entertainment purposes, the new 50-cents-a-gallon 1ax, in six years, would cost them $13. Their total bonus tax payments accordingly would be $100.64.

Lt. William Jackson Returns to States First Lt. William A. Jackson, who has served in the North African and Italian theaters for inore than a year and a half as alde-decamp to Maj. Gen.

Paul W. Kendall, commander of the 88th Infantry Division, has returned to the United States and hopes to arrive in Alton on leave this week. Lt. Jackson, son of Col. L.

Jackson of Western Military Academy, talked to members of his family by telephone Tuesday evening. The Alton officer, who was on the Fifth Army front during of his overseas service, recently was awarded the Bronze service." Medal for "outstanding Ile went overseas in December, 1943, and was in North Africa for a short time before going to Italy. Lt. Jackson has an older brother, Lt. Charles B.

Jackson, army air forces, stationed in Italy, with whom he had a reunion beforn he returned to the United States. Lt. Witham Jackson, graduate of Western Military Academy, was commiss oned in the spring of 1942 and was called to active duty Feb. 10. 1943.

He was a student at Princeton University. Princeton, N. before his call to service. City and state health authorities once more will cooperate Thursday afternoon in a free public typhoid clinic at the Y. W.

C. A. from 2 to 5 o'clock. Because several more persons appeared last Thursday to be given their first injections, it was announced today that the clinic would be continued two more weeks to allow the newcomers to complete their series. The state Department of Health provides required serum, and Alton physicians and nurses are cooperating with Dr.

G. K. Worden, city health officer, in administering the treatments. Free Typhoid Clinic At YWCA, Thursday Mrs. Lena Ott Buried Mrs.

Lena Ott, 66, who died at her home in Staunton, Monday, July 23, was buried today. The body was taken to St. Paul's Evangelical Church where the funeral was held. She was burled in the City cemetery at Staunton. She was the mother of Roland Ott of Walnut street, Alton.

STRAW TRUCK LOSES LOAD--Most of the load on a large trailer truck fell off at the corner of Piasa and Broadway as the driver sought to turn up Proacway off Piasa. This corner has seen many of these accidents, as Alton's hills and curves are too much for these precariously piled -Staff pholo. Articles from Germany Hundreds have viewed with interest during the past week a collection of articles shipped from Germany, by Sgt. George William Reid, son of Dr. De L.

Reid, of Washington avenue, and Mrs. Florence Reid, of Leverett avenue. 'The were placed in- the display window at the William Dee flower store on College. Mrs. Phoebe Luedecke Reid, wife of Sgt.

Roid, received the. articles from her husband. She turned them over to Dr. De Reid who placed them in the window at the Dee. store.

Included in the collection are pair of tall leather boots, several long swords, knives, daggers, number of guns of various German types, a gadget called a potato masher grenade, two big flags, and a whip said to have been used for driving victims of concentration camps. Sgt. Reid had secured most of the articles in the vicinity of one of the most fatal concentration camps. WIlL Speak Over KFU0 On Friday at 12:15 noon, the Rev. W.

E. Wessler of Grandvlew avenue will preach A germon 01. Concordia Theological Seminary in St. Louls county that will be broadcasted over Station KFUO. The Messiah Lutheran pastor wili spenk.

on the subject, "lligh Life or Godly Life." Saw Good Corn on Beeby Farm After making an automobile trip through central Illinois and eastern Missouri, Robert M. Brown of Mayfield avenue said he visited the J. J. Beeby 500-acre ranch along the east side of the Illinois river in Jersey county as he returned home. The best corn he saw on the entire trip, Brown say's, was on Jack Beeby's farm 245 acres were planted one fell.

This field, with exception of 2t few small wet spots, survived the floods and the corn Is now about 88 high as a man's shoulders. Arrives From Texan Pvt. Lesile Champlin arrived Alton Just before noon today from Camp Maxey, where he has, Just completed basic infantry training. He, entered the service In March. Pvt.

Chumplin sald he is to report at Fort Riley, on Aug. 10, after his furlough assignment to the Pacific. He will spend his furlough with his wife, Mrs. Julia Champlin, and their year-old daughter, Beverly Judith, also his parents, Mr. and Mrs.

Earl Champlin, 3206 Edsall. The wife and daughter are making their home at the Champlin residence on Edsall. 0. 11. Jones Reaches 85th Milestone Today, July 25, Cornell as 11.

Jones, who has resided the last quarter century at Main and Walnut streets, quietly observed the eighty-fifth anniversary ol his birth. Mr. Jones was born in 1860 in the section of Macoupin county known many years as Corrington Chapel, five miles north of Bunker HI. He has been in a fair state of health and walks up town practically every day. C.

Talley Moves to Home Farm Mr. and Mrs. Clifford 'Talley have sold their residence proporty! at 2710 Benbow avenue and have; moved from Alton to the Talley home from east of Piasa on the Shipman-Plusa slab. The farm is! owned by Mr. Talley and his mother.

lie has been with the Shell corporation nearly, twenty vears! and will continue lids work at plant making daily trips back forth. Going to Harmon Country Home Members of Amoma class of Calvary Baptist church will meet Thursday at 7:30 p. with Mrs. Hugh Harmon at her country home north of the city 011 the Godfrey- highway. Assisting hostesses are to be Mrs.

Denny Hayward and Mrs. I. B. Campbell. 'The women will meet at the Calvary church.

Washington and Brown at o'clock tomorrow evening, There will be cars there to take the party to the Har. mon home. Play Ground Children Honor Joseph Leo Upper Alton News Ben Batson Guarding "Big Shots" Mra. In a Ethel letter received yesterday 2412 Fay, Batson of Judson from husband, Cpl. Ben Batson, who is in Germany, he tells of his work since V-E day.

The letter was the first she had received from him in more than a month. Cpl. Batson had been with the Ninth Army during the battle of the Rhine but was transferred 10 another unit when the ninth left for America, He tells of guarding "big shots" and of the fine homes he and his buddies are living in. He is now stationed at Gutterstroh. Mrs.

Batson and their old daughter, Linda, are with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. William Weis, at the Judson residence. Calvary 17 Years Old The Calvary Baptist Church was organized In Upper Alton 17 years ago this, month, and the anniversary be observed next Sunday. A committee is completing arrangements for the day.

'There will be a guest spenker nt. the morning service after which the congregation will enjoy a basket.1 dinner in the church basem*nt. The afternoon and evening program include several speakers from other churches. Upper Alton Notes Miss Joy Faulkner of Franor street returned yesterday front spending two weeks' vacation in the Missouri Ozarks, Miss Faulkner, while on vacation from her work in a St. Louis business house, visited the home of a relative near Hunter, Mo.

Mrs. Joe Coulter and grandson, David Joe Thompson, of Harrisburg are visiting Mrs. Hugh Brodie at her residence, 2028 Main. Miss Mary Foreman of Lincoln, has returned alter visiting in Alton a week with Mrs. Edna H.

Glass, 2707 College. Guy Werts is back at his work in the Megowen hardware store on College avenue after being confined to his home a day or two by Ulness. Miss Betty Ann Nickell, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. S.

M. Nickell, 3707 Berkeley, left yesterday for West Point Pleasant, N. spend a month with her friend, Miss Dorothy Brennan, daughter of former Mr. and Mrs. Joe Brennan, residents of Western avenue.

Mr. and Mrs. Robert M. Brown, 2001 Maytield. returned yesterday from a two-week vacation trip in northern Illinois and in eastern Missouri.

They made the trip in their car visiting first In Adans county at various points. They spent a couple of days at the home of Mrs. Brown's brother, Tom Stotler, at La Frairie. Later they visited in Missouri stopping a couple of days with friends in Ellsberry, Mo. Mrs.

Effie Blankenship of Vandalia, arrived this afternoon for a visit. In Alton at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Thomas E. Riley of Crawford avenue, and with Mr.

and Mrs. William D. Riley of ford. Mrs. Blankenship, sister-inlaw of T.

Riley, recently retired after teaching school in Bond county and Vandalia more than 30 years. Pet. French's Unit Cited WITH THE FIFTH ARMY. Italy, (Special) --Pyt. David A French, whose wife, Mrs.

Mildred French. 1135 West Ninth, is member of the 329th Field Artillery Battalion Service Company. recently awarded the Meritorious Service tinit Plaque for superior: of duty in the ac. 1 complishment of an esceptionally difficult task in support of operatons on the Fifth Army front. The lattery, part of the 85th "Custer" Division.

kept food and ammunition moving forward to battalion emplacements across unfavorable terram and through many hazjards of enemy nction. The award was made tor the outfit's worl: in the closing stages of the Italian campaign. PVT. ARNOLD HERBERT OTTWELL, who is spending a fur. lough with his parents.

Mr. and Mrs. Dailey Oftwell, 331 Madison, Wood Riv. He is stationed at Fort McClellan, where he received basic training. Pvt.

Ottwell entered March. William Shelton Funeral Friday Funeral services for William Harry Shelton, 65, retired employe of American Smelting Refining who died Tuesday at 2:30 p. m. at his residence, 3400 Franor, will be conducted Friday at 2 p. m.

In Streeper' funeral home. Bursal in Milton cemetery will be under auspices of the Junior Order of American Mechanics. Friends may call at the funeral home after 6 p. m. today.

Shelton was born at Iberia, but had resided in Alton the greater part of his life, He had been employed at Union Electric for nearly 20 years previous to working at American Smelting Refining Co. He had been retired for the past two years because of ill hcalth. He is survived by his wife, Mrs. Catherine Shelton; a son, Robert Luther Shelton, Alton, and a daughter, Mrs. Marie Meyer, Godfrey.

He also leaves A brother, Thomas Shelton, St. Louis, and three half-brothers, Emmett of Springfleid, and Kenneth and Thurman of St. Louis. Fones Baby Dies; Funeral Saturday Kevin D. Fones, son of Mr.

and Mrs. Cecil O. Fones, Alton-Jerseyville road, RR 2, Godfrey, died day nt 1 a. 11., in St. Joseph's Hospital, three hours after he was admitted for treatment.

The babe, delicate since birth, was born in St. Joseph's Hospital Sept. 17, 1944. Besides his parents he is survived by two brothers, William and Cecil. and three sisters, Patricia, Ernestine and Barbara Ann; his maternal grandparents, Mrs.

Kate Springman and John Frerichs, and paternal grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. William H. Fones. Funeral services will take place Saturday at 10 a.

m. at St. Mary's Church, and burial will be in St. Joseph's cemetery. The body may be viewed at the Staten funeral home after 7 p.

111. Thursday. EDWARDSVILLE, July 25. A warrant for the arrest of George 'Tyson. 35, East S1.

Louis iron worker, has been issued in connecton with the shooting of Joe Calluhan in front. of a Madison tavern, July 16, It was said today at the office of Sheriff Hartman. Kathryn Morrison, 22-year-old waitress employed at the tavern. who was killed by a shotgun blast through A tavern window early Monday, WAS the chief material witness in Callahan's shooting. CalJahan is recovering in Granite City.

Warrant Issued in Callahan Shooting P'rante Baby Dies ROXANA George William Albert Prante, 2, son of Mr. and Mrs. George W. Prante. 117 East Sixth, died today at 2 a.

m. He in Alton Feb. 2, 1943. Suiviving besides his parents are his maternad grandparents, Mr. and Mrs.

Albert Schueler of Wood River, paternal grandmother, Mrs. Murgaret Prante of St. Louis, and great- grandmother, Mrs, F. Wilkening of Dorsey. 'The body Streeper funeral home in Wood River pending funcral arrangements.

YOU CAN GET HIGHEST CASH PRICES FOR DEAD OR DISABLED HORSES- -CATTLE Don't bury dead stock call us. Prompt of hogs and sheep. Efficient, courteous service. Jerseyville Rendering Company larseyville Phone 254 WE PAY -REVERSE THE PHONE CHARG Stock Leaders Score Minor Advances in Slow Session NEW YORK, July 25. (P)-Leading stocks negotiated modest recoveries in today's market although buying was exceptionally timid and dealings among the slowest of the year.

Commitments were repurchased here and there on the idea the list was due for a technical revival after its retreat to the lows of midMay. Reconversion apprehension, attributed to thoughts of A short Pacific war, also waned as a price factor. Additional dividends and earnings provided argument for bullish forces. Numerous customers held aloof, however, to await tomorrow's British election results and developments at Potsdam. Improvement generally appeared at the opening and, near the close, plus marks of fractions to a point or more prevailed.

Turnover was around 600,000 shares. Bonds stiffened selectively. Cotton, toward the last, was unchanged to 20 cents a bale lilgher. Al Chem Dye ........163 Allied Kid 18 1-4 Allis-Ch Mfg 47 Am Can 97 1-2 Am Locomotive 31 7-8 Am Pow Lt 71-8 Am Rad St 13 1-2 Smelt 48 1-8 Am Tel Tel ...179 5-8 Am Cob 77 1-2 Am Zine 6 7-8 Anaconda Cop 33 Armour Co 9 1-8 Atch 95 1-2 Aviation Corp 8 Bendix Aviat 49 5-8 Beth Steel 79 3-4 Borden Co 38 3-4 Borg-Warner 40 Calumet Hec 6 3-4 Case (J I) Co 38 Caterpil Tractor 62 Ches Ohio 50 7-8 Chi Mall Order 21 1-4 Chi NW 41 3-4 Chrysler Corp ............108 1-4 Com'with Edis 31 1-8 ons oppermin 4 1-4 ons Edison 30 3-8 Cons Nat Gas 35 1-2 Container Corp 28 5-8 Corn Products 61. Crane Co 31 7-8 Curtiss- Wright 6 3-4 Douglas Aircraft 85 Du Pont De ...........161 3-8 Eastman Kodak .173 El Auto-Lite 50 1-4 Farns Tel Rad 15 Gen Elec 43 Gen Foods 45 1-2 Gen Motors 66 Goodrich (B F) 55 1-8 Goodyear R.

51 1-4 Gt Nor Ir Ore Ct 16 1-2 Gt Northn Pl 49 Greyhound Corp 24 5-8 Homestake Min 52 1-4 Hudson Motor 27 Illinois Central 34 Inspirat Con Cop 12 1-2 Int Harvester 82 Int Nick Can 32 5-8 Int Paper 25 5-8 Int Tel Tel 25 1-2 Johns-Manville ...116 7-8 Kennecott Cop 37 1-4 Lib-0-F Glass 56 Liggett My 93 Marshall Field 24 5-8 Montgom Ward 61 3-4 PIMPLES Disappeared Overnight Blackheads, Too, Went Fast Yes, it la true, there in a sale, harmless, medicated liquid called KLEEREX that dries up pimples overniglit as it acts to loosen and remove ugly blackheads. Those who followed ple directions and applied Kleerex upon retiring were amazingly surprised when they found their pimples and blackheads had disappeared. These users enthusiastically praise Kleeres and claim they are no longer embarrassed and ore now happy with their clear complezions. Use Klasrat. It one application does not satisfy, you get double your money back.

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Call a collector at 8-6051, 3-4985, 2-1551, 8-8951, 8-5888, 8-3529, 3-3789, 8-4418 APPROVED BY WAR PRODUCTION BOARD PAID FOR BY INDUSTED Nash-Kelcinator 18 1-8 Nat Biscult 25 1-4 Nat Dairy Prod ,30 3-4 Natl Steel 73 1-2 NY Central Rallroad 26 7-8 No Am Aviation 11 7-8 North Amer Co 25 3-4 North Pac 29 3-8 Ohio Oll 17 1-8 Owens-Ill 63 3-4 Pan Am Airway 18 1-2 Param Pictures 30 1-4 Penn Railroad 37 1-2 Pepsi-Cola 21 7-8 Phelps Dodge 26 1-2 Phillips eP 49 1-2 Pure Oil 19 1-4 Radio Corp of Am 12 3-8 Repub Steel 23 Sears Roebuck 119 Shell Union oil 27 Sinclair Oil 16 Socony-Vacuum 15 3-4 Southern Pacific 49 3-8 Stand Brands 35 7-8 Stand Oil 41 1-4 Stand Oil Ind 37 1-8 Stand Oil 61 1-2 Studebaker Corp 24 1-4 Swift Co 32 Texas Co 52 3-4 Timken Det Axle 42 3-8 UnlonCarbide 86 3-4 United Air Lines 38 1-2 United Aircraft 29 1-8 Rubber 54 3-4 Steel 68 1-4 West Un Tel A 47 1-2 Westing Elec, 32 1-4 Woolworth 44 7-8 Youngst Sh 46 3-8 New York Alum Co Am 42 1-2 Am Gas El 36 3-8 Ark Nat Gas A 5 1-8 Carnation 50 Cities Svc Service PE 19 Cities .127 El Bond Sh 14 5-8 He Cla Min 12 5-8 Kingston Prod 4 1-4 Niag Hud Pow 6 3-4 Pitts PI Gl .135 3 Generals' Cars Stopped in Paris Joy Ride Drive PARIS, July 25 (P) More than 300 jeeps and United States army staff cars have been impounded in a two-day anti-joyriding campaign staged by Paris and military police. At least three generals' cars were whistled over the curb to the cheers of onlooking GI's and civilians. Sailor Freed in Hotel Slaying MIAMI, July 25, of manslaughter charges growing out of the death of Mrs. Ella Mae Eames, 43, of Boston, sailor William W. Parker, 19, of Toledo, 0., returned to his ship today.

EDWARDSVILLE, July 25 Miss Nancy Corrington will' appear as vocal soloist wlth Edwardsville Municipal Band at its weekly concert Thursday at 7:45 p. m. in city Park under direction of Michael Sciarra. The program; March, National Emblem; march, All America; overture, Orpheus; Smoke Gets In Your Eyes, The Rosary, Miss Corrington, vocal soloist; Weather, Gypsy Dance; 'Intermission. March, His Excellency; Visions of Madrid; waltz, Estudiantina; When You're Away, Always, Miss Corrington, soloist; Giannina Mia Them Basses, Star Spangled Banner.

Soloist on Edwardsville Band Concert Program Commando Kelly Is Just Plain Mr. Kelly Now PITTSBURGH, July 25, "Commando" Kelly was up early today, starting "to study up on how to be a civilian." Just plain Mister Charles E. Kelly since he got an honorable discharge two days ago, the commando stood part way on a train from Atlanta, to get him to his pretty bride of four months, May Bolsh Kelly. IN THE PROBATE COURT OF MADISON COUNTY, ILLINOIS Sale of Real Estate to Pay Debts Henry Bradshaw, Administrator of the Estate of Samuel Galloway, Deceased, Plaintiff, 'Emma Braxton Taylor, Howard Mills, and Andrew Mills, Defendants, NOTICE OF SALE Public notice is hereby given that the undersigned, being the tor of the Estate of Samuel Galloway, Deceased, will, pursuant to a Decree in the above entitled CAuse approved on the 16th day of July, A. 1945, offer for August sale, 18, at A.

public 1945, vendue on the Saturday, at hour of A. M. in the forenoon, all of the interest of the Deceased in the following described real estate, to-wit: A tract of land in the East half of the Southeast quarter of Section 34 Township 6 10 of the Third Principal Meridian more ticularly described as follows: ginning at the center of Section 34: thence East along the half section line dividing the North and South halves of Section 34, Twenty and 68 hundredths (20.68) chains to stone which 8 the Northweaterly corner of the East half of the Southeast quarter of Section 34. and which also the Northwest carper of lands formerly belonging to Jullus F. Schneider Estate; thence South and West halves of the Southeast along the line dividing the East quarter of Section 34, a distance of 089.3 dividing feet, to point in said line the East and West halves of Section said Southeast quarter of said aforesaid, and which sald point last aforesaid is the Southwesterly corner.

of tract of land conveyed Julius by Julius F. Schneider filed of record November by 10, deed 1930, heirs to Franklin, said Book 570 at page 564, and which point is the point or place at beginning: thence Kastarly along the Franklin southerly tract line of said Julius to the Westerly a distance of 40 rods roadway line of. certain leading from the Alton and WEDNESDAY, JULY 25, 1943 Gratton thence Road to Southerly Greenwood along Came Westerly Cemetery line Road sold distance Greenwood. lest; thence Westerly distance 348.654 40 rode the dividing of and West halves thence quarter of northerly said Section aforesaid: mentioned line a distance of let feet to the point place 349.65 ginning: said tract of beacres more or containing in 5.3, Illinois. County of Madison and Blata of Terms of Sale One-fourth balance of bid on day of and on approval sale.

Administrator of BRADSHAW, JACOBY, PATTON, Galloway, MANNS Deceased. COPPINGER, By: JOHN F. McGINNIS, Attorney for Administrator. July 18, 25, Aug. 1 LEGAL NOTICES of ADMINISTRATOR'S SALE State filinols, County of the Probate Court.

Estate of Madison Ackermann. deceased. Augur Notice is hereby given that the nexed signed of the Administrator Estate of with the will anunder. deceased, pursuant August to J. Act.

the ermann, Probate Court of Madison a decre 1945, Illinois, will on entered on Saturday, the 6th day of Jul County, the hour of 2:30 P. August sell 11, 194 the highest and best at vendue the to premises at 2513 Krum bidder, Alton, described filinois, as for follows: cash the real estate Street, Lot the 12 Town in of Block Wood 18 in River, Yager Park, County, Illinois, Madisons Upon payment of the purchase and sald confirmation an of the of by court Administrator's will estate be to the purchaser. conveying said teal 10th Dated at of July, Edwardsville, 1945. Illinois, the day TRUST EDWARDSVILLE CO. NATIONAL BANK Adm.

with the WIll annexed. By F. A. EECK, C. Attorney.

BOEKER, Trust Officer. July 11,, 16,324 NOTICE OF CLAIM DATE that Notice FIRST la hereby MONDAY given OF to all person Claim Date in the SEPTEMBEA 1945, is the of Ing in ERICH the Probate BRINKMAN, Court Deceased, of perf Madison be filed against the said that claims may: County, and estate on or before Dated this without 11th Issuance de said date 1945. summons. day of July, LUCILLE F. Administratrix Attest: JOSEPH HEALEY, Probate Clerk.

GILSON BROWN, Attorney. July 11, 18, 2 NOTICE OF CLAIM DATE Notice is hereby given to all person that FIRST MONDAY Date OF SEPTEMBER. of 1945, is PEARL the Claim WHITE, in the estate also known PEARLE WHITE, also known as PEAR LY WHITE, Deceased, pending in the Probate Court of Madison County, nois, and that claims may be against the said estate on or beion said date without Issuance of summons Dated this 9th day of July, 1945. EDNA WHITE. Administratri Attest: JOSEPH HEALEY, Probate Clerk.

H. STREEPER, III, Attorney. July 11. 18, 4 NOTICE OF CLAIM DATE Notice is hereby given to all person that FIRST MONDAY OF SEPTEMBE 1945, is the Claim Date in the estate SUE ELIZABETH OLIVER, Deceased pending in the Probate Court of Mad son County, Illinois, and that claing may be filed against the said estate on or before said' date without is ance summons. Dated this 9th da of July, 1945.

WILLIAM LEVERETT OLIVERS Execuidn JOSEPH HEALEY, Probate Clerk. H. STREEPER, III, Attorney, July 11, 18, 4 CARD OF THANKS WE WISH express our thanks all who sent cards' and expressions sympathy to us at the time of our be reavement, in the loss of our son brother. Pic. Louis R.

Johnson. wh was killed in action on Okinawa, Mr. and Mrs. S. J.

Johnson, and Children. IN MEMORIAM IN MEMORY- -Of Mrs. Maxine Overall Harrisa, who passed away eight yeas ago today. In sorrow we waited day by day, And watched her suffering there; Slowly but surely passing away From the pain she scarce could bear. And then God called from His thrones above, Her suffering and pain is past; We know she has gone to realms love.

And in Heaven has peace at last. The Famils. MONUMENTS- CEM. LOTS CHOICE LOT-Valhalla Cemetery. 3-7307 PERBONALS IF--You are interested in feminine giene see hygienist, Thrifty Drugs, 323 Belle St.

Store, SOCIETIES- LODGES WOOD RIVER LODGE No. 1062-Sp ctal meeting July 25. 7 o'cloca E. A. degree.

Visiting brethren we come. EDWIN H. DOERR, W. M. BETHALTO LODGE 406.

A. F. A. 7:15. -Special Work 'meeting in 3rd degree.

Visiting Thursday, July brethren welcome, ALFRED R. RUYLE, W. M. FRANKLIN LODGE No. 25.

A. July F. Work in 3rd degree. Visiting meeting brethren welcome. W.

L. ZIMMERMAN, W. M. Horace Mann playground children were hosts last night to those of Clara Barton at a Joseph Lee program at the Upper Alton school. The program consisted of A flag ritual, a pageant, "The Pursuit of recitations and play-1 let.

"Launching the Joseph Lee." This was followed by a community sing, and a tableaux, "The Ilstory Of Our Flag." Wesley Baker WAS the guest singer of the evening. Many parents and friends of the playground children attended the program. PIASA LODGE No. 27, A. F.

July 26. 79 Special Work meeting in 2nd degree. Visited m. brethren welcome. Signed, HAROLD E.

PAUL, W. 10 LOST- STRAYED -STOLEN LOST Large brown dog. bred. part Answer chor and name police. has been Lost around Got to frey.

Dial 2-4034 or 2-2081. 2 SMALL BOXES Containing frater Ity let and sorority hat pin. gold shaped chain, pin. DIY and aliver 3-8655. Reward.

LOST-Set of keys with driver's licent Dial 3-9706. at Water 1 LOST- -Partly playground. made Please dress, return. Dal tower LOST 3-8380. al Wood Alva swimming Red pool, purse containing glasses car keys; needed badly.

Retura Wood River Bus Depot. Reward. NOTICES Alton WANTED- daily, Ride Work from hours: Cottage p. m. Cleo.

Autery. Dial 4-4081. After thin date, July 24. will longer contracted be for responsible by anyone other for any myself, Signed person. BRINKMAN.

Address, 464 Nella Park Kilsperman. Drive, WANTED- Ride to in and Clayton, from Bt. Mo. Louts Someone living 3-3711. Alton Shoe Market.

bage BLACK customers AND wanted. FILL DIRT- graved coal; work. Dial 3-9016..

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