C Dragon Roar - Thursday, July 4th, 2024 (2024)

C Dragon Roar

As we approach the last week of the 2024 season, we have several important updates to share with you. Please take a moment to review the following information:

Dive Team Update:

NO dive practice Thursday or Friday.

Swim Team Updates from the Coaches:

  • Swimmers of the Week: See the current awardees here.
  • Swim Practice times for July 5th:
  • Friday, July 5th Swim Practice Schedule: The first two groups will practice from 8:30-9:30. The other two groups will practice from 9:30-10:15, no practice on the Fourth of July.
  • As a reminder, although your kids may not feel sweaty while swimming, they are! Please bring a water bottle with you to practice and set it near the side of the pool to access during practice
  • Additionally, please send your swimmers to practice in jammers or swimsuits. The "garbage bag suits" slow kids down and also make it harder for them to learn/practice the strokes.
  • Finally, we would like all of the kids to sleep in streamlines with their heads down lower than they think they need to be. Streamline, streamline, streamline! 😊

Swim meet at Cool Dell at Cedarmill:

All Swimmers need to be declared by midnight tonight, Thursday, July 4th

There are still a number of kids not declared for this meet. The deadline is Thursday at midnight. Please doublecheck and make sure yourchildren are declared or declined.

Monday, July 8th Swim Meet is at Cedarmill.

896 Cedarmill Dr., Chesterfield, MO 63017

Arrival Time is 4:45p

Cool Dell Warm ups begin at 5p.

Meet starts at 5:30p.

Ample parking will be available within our parking lot and adjacent field. No parking along Cedarmill Drive near the pool or down the side streets, as we would like to respect our neighbor’s privacy

The bullpen will be located on our multipurpose court. Please have all your swimmers sit in the multipurpose court and not on the grass outside of the bullpen. Sitting in this area blocks essential pathways to the pool, etc.

Please bring bug spray and do not go out behind the multipurpose court or onto the turf court above. ABSOLUTELY NO BALLS will be tolerated in the bullpen!

Spectators are welcome to bring their chairs and sit anywhere on the pool deck. During conference, we frown upon parents sitting in the grass outside of the pool so that our pathways are free in case of emergencies and for swimmers to easily pass without injury.

If you can help bring a tent or two from Cool Dell to the meet, we would greatly appreciate it!

***Declare or decline forCedarmill meet AND forConference by Thursday, July 4 at midnight! Reminder if you have a swimmer participating inconference you need to sign up for a job duty.***

Important Updates: Swim Practice Schedule for Week of July 8th:

Monday: Last day of practice for swimmers who are not swimming inConference

Tuesday: Late practice/normal Tuesday practice


8:30-9:30: 11-12 and 13 and up age groups

9:30-10:15: 9-10 age group

10:15-10:45: 7-8 age group

10:45-11:15: 6 and Under


8:00-8:45: 11-12 and 13 and Uo

8:45-9:00: TEAM MEETING

9:00-9:30: 10 and Unders

3. Friday NightConference (11 & Older Swimmers) atCool Dell: Arrival time is 4:05p.Cool Dell warm up at 4:20p.

4. Saturdayconference (10 & Under swimmers) atCedarmill. Arrival time is 7:40a, warm-ups begin at 7:55a. Meet informationis attached.

5. We would love to show our Cool Dell spirit with posters to hang up for our swim and dive conference meets. We will have a poster contest with winners in various categories. Make a poster and bring it to the pool by the morning of Friday, July 12. We will hang them around the pool for all three Cool Dell conference sessions. Please keep the posters appropriate. :)

Parent Volunteers:

Thank you again for all the help and work you all put in to make meets run smoothly. Please be on time to your work duty or reach out to us to let us know you are going to be late.

Reminder - Bullpen workers need to arrive andcheck in the same time as swimmers. Also, bullpen workerscan watch theirchildren swim but need to stay in the bullpen for a majority of the meet.

Job signups forconference are open. If you have achild swimming inconference you need to sign up for one duty. Youcan work either the Friday or Saturday session andcan work the opposite session that yourchild is swimming. Please sign up by Monday!

Swim & Dive Banquet:
Our swim and dive banquet isMonday, July 15 at 5:30pm(dinner served 5:30-6:30pm) atCool Dell.

Dinner Choices are:

  1. Steak &Chicken Fajita Bar with all the fixings; served with Borracho Beans, Spanish Rice &chips & queso fromCallier'sCatering. $20 for Adults andChildren 13 and up, $10 forChildren 12 and under.
  2. Chick-fil-A Nuggets withchips & fruit. $20 for Adults andChildren 13 and up, $10 forChildren 12 and under.
  3. Picnic option – Bring your Own Dinner. No Fee to attend

Please fill out the form below for all who will be attending, RSVP due by 7/8.

Please RSVP even ifchoosing the picnic option so we know who is attending for awards.

After filling out this form you will becharged on yourCool Dell account for the number of guests who will be attending. Invoices will be produced on 7/9. Email[emailprotected]with questions.


Please wear banquet attire over your swimsuits for dinner and awards. We will have open swim for all who would like following dinner and awards until 10:00pm.

Banquet Help Needed: We Need You!

Having our banquet atCool Dell makes it a bit morecasual and likely a bit easier for families but requires a bit more set up andclean up. If you are available to help on Monday, July 15 during the day and during the event, please fill out this form and Katie Mulchek will reach out to you after the 4th of July -https://forms.gle/UL5XEiwUrTtoBSv58

C Dragon Roar - Thursday, July 4th, 2024 (2024)
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