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16-COLUMBIA (Me.) MISSOURIAN, Monday, Feb. 8, 1965 Daily Record The Hospitals University Hospital Admitted Saturday: Mrs. Virginia New, Route Daniel E. Lilley, El Rancho Trailer Court. Mrs.

Rachel Jerman, Vandalia: John H. Mulkins. Ashburn: Jamin H. Dissler, Eldorado Springs; Mrs. Dixie Owens, Hopkins; Mrs.

Edna Albin. Clinton: John L. Bolton, Fulton; Charles L. Matthews, Lucerne; Mrs. Marilyn Goss, Moberly: Mrs.

Deloris E. Enicott, ends; Mrs. Gladys Bailey, Vienna; Dwight D. Friedrich, Boonville. Discharged Saturday: Miss Bertha Canton, 214 Providence Walk; Steven A.

Thrift, Route Billy L. Vaughan, Route Tom Chandler, 401 Phyllis Ave. Donald R. Garnett, Madison; Mrs. Edna Klepper, Fulton; Mrs.

Margaret H. Dorsey, Springfield; Volley E. Bunch, Kirksville: Jobe I. Sizemore, Deepwater; Mrs. Mabel Tyler, Jerome; Josie Smith, Iberia; Jack F.

Mitchell, Kahoka; George E. Harley, Moberly; Reginald P. Jackson, Salisbury: Mrs. Laura Stowers, Kansas City; Mrs. Mildred B.

ner. Higbee: Cecil M. Robinson, Neosho: William C. Jackson, Fulton; Willie Newton, Nevada; Mrs. Dollie Morris, Moberly; Arthur L.

Elliott, Richmond: George d. Kincaid. SunBeach; Mrs. Hazel McClellan, Waynesville: Miss April J. Shadden, Miss Stacey R.

Ellis. Sedalia; Paul D. Kitchen, Moberly; Charles L. Matthews, Lucerne. Admitted yesterday: Mrs.

Linda Anderton, South Side Trailer Court; Mrs. Margaret Clark, Shamrock Trailer Park. Earnest George Harrison, Brumley; Miss Janes Jean Kohler, Johnston Hall; Mrs. Bertha Riddle, Chillicothe; Mrs. Grace Spellen.

Baton: Stanley Henry Adrian. Jefferson City; Miss Sheila Ann Eckert, Chula; Mrs. Flossie Clardy, Rolls; James Daniel Hank. Moberly; Earl H. Babbitt.

Boon ville. Discharged yesterday: Sherrill WilHama, Licking: Lecti DIlI Taylor, Humansville; Dave Brice Ausm us, Edina: Mra. Beulah Young Mast. Chillicothe: Mrs. Ella Steward, Pulton: Coy Lee Crain, Mrs.

Anna Stick Henslek, Carrollton: Mrs. Maryl Goth, Montrose; Mias Patricia Mae Durk, Durham; Miss Joyce Bernadine Irvin, Dizon. DEATHS: Mrs. Sallie Floyd, Miller, 7:30 a.m. Saturday: Mrs.

Lillie M. Riley, Madison, 9:15 a.m. Saturday: Mrs. Dixie Saunders Rasberry, Brunswick, 12:15 a.m. Sun- Student Health Clinic Admitted Friday: Richard Thomas Johnson, Alfred Jeffrey Balsam, John Simpson Woodward, Mohammed Shahriari, Susan Kay Irmhoff, Patricia Gail Thorp, Susan Patricia Cole, Sandra Clare Holmstrom, Billie Francile Vardim John George Shudy, Richard Arthur Siegel, Sharon Marie Montalbano, Kenneth Stewart, Gerry Don Wilburn, Michael Wayne Allee, Joseph Patric Ward, Ronald Bernard Christine Ann Orff, Carol Ann Staponski, Kay Kopit Scott, Marjorie Grant Mitchell.

Discharged Friday: Rebecca Adair Glick, Vickie Jean Brick, Ronald Bernard Atkins, Karlene Madeleine Gentile, Robert Dean Strader, Jill Ann Elwood, Naomi Jean Gaddy, Helen Gladys Murrill, Robert Michael Hutcherson, Donna Jean Davis, Norman Lee Davis, Charla Faye Hill, Marjorie Grant Michell, Deborah Lynn Cunningham, Judith Lucille Comroe, Christine Mary Sinskey, Peggy Sue Glazier. Admitted Saturday: Susanne Summers, Jerry Lee Clark, Lawrence Daniel Garrett, Vera Anne Echelmeier, Barbara Mary Weber. Discharged Saturday: Sharon Marie Montalbano, John George Shudy, Sandra Clare Helmstrom, Rondell Allen Nicastro, Edward Glenn Schilling, William Lee Woeger, Richard Arthur Siegel, Burton Wayne Newman, Mohammed Shahriari, John William Dolan, Christine Ann Orf, Jerry Gordon Crumpler, David Fred Wiethop, Carl Calvin Childers. Admitted yesterday: William Augustin Jones, Michael Cowan Walter, Carla Joyce Cox, Lie Rong Lin, Richard Louis Johnson, Lynne Alice Rosenberg, Mary Ann Olsen, Julie Ellen Michael, Elizabeth Ann Grayson. Discharged yesterday: John Simpson Woodward, Lawrence Daniel Garrett, Eugene Joseph Gruenenfelder, Craig Arnold Tracy, Susan Kay Imhoff, Jerry Lee Clark, Martha Carolyn Cort, Richard Thomas Johnson, Cary Lee Griffin, Ronald Bernard Brown, Kay Kopit Scott.

Births At University Hospital BAILEY: An 8-pound, ounce boy, to Mr. and Mrs. Earvin Bailey, Vienna, 8:30 p.m. Saturday. At University Hospital CLARK: A 5-pound, S-ounce girl, to Mr.

and Mrs. Lonzo Clark, Shamrock Trailer Park, 7:40 a.m. yesterday. Building Permits E. S.

Stephens, to remodel brick building for a retail business at 1020 East Broadway, $4,000. Jesse Mohr, to build a brick veneer residence at 604 Pennant $8,000. George Yide, to remodel frame building at 2021 Parkridge Court, $1,500. The trade winds from northeast and the The Hospitals Admitted Saturday: Miss Erna M. Anderson, 9 East Ash Homer M.

Evans, 603 Ridgeway Mrs. Alda A. Jones, 902 Sandifer Guy Chapman, 11 North First Samuel B. Davee, 1109 Coats Clyde R. Creath, 301 South Fifth St.

Discharged Saturday: Mrs. Ada S. Stone, 117 Benton Isador Crosswhite, 25 East Worley Roy R. Logan 603 Lawn St. Admitted yesterday: Ceno L.

McGee, Route Miss Glendea A. Rippeto, Northridge Trailer Park; Mrs. Betty L. Purdom, 103 Clinkscales A. Burnett Coleman, 3709 East Walnut Franklin Lee Stuart, Route Mrs.

Lu Ella Neal, 1105 Fay Mrs. Edna B. Holt, Green Valley William R. Perkins, 713 North Sixth Mrs. Georgia L.

Morehouse, 916 Danforth Bernard E. Hadusek, Hallsville. Mrs. Elizabeth A. Hill, Boonville; Miss Mary M.

McConkey, Bevier: Ransome R. Scott, Boonville; Manning L. Steinmetz, Armstrong; Mrs. Ardyth G. Starke, Williamsburg.

Discharged yesterday: Albert B. Baker, Route Kenneth R. Blake, Route Mrs. Judy K. Garrett, 1408 Parkade Mrs.

Sherry L. Mitchell, 301 North Ann Mrs. Barbara A. Smith, 2506 Braemore Mrs. Alma M.

Kich, Route Richard B. Lee, 1402, Anthony George Y. Harvey, 910 West Stewart Mrs. Beverly B. Sanders, 406 06 Jackson Mrs.

Zetta A. Rhodes, 604 Hirth Randall J. Wehmeyer, 1316 St. Christopher Lewis E. Morris, Route Mrs.

Carrie L. Hill, 18 East Pendleton Mrs. Cleo P. Hummel, Rocheport; Mrs. Lula M.

Jennings, Sturgeon. Mrs. Ann L. Kuhn, Sullivan; Mrs. May D.

McCoid, Boonville. City Court Boone County Hospital Hugh J. Forster, 22. of 900 Richmond was fined $30 for speeding Saturday on Broadway, Larry Wayne Crane, 23, of 607 North William was fined $75 for speeding. Crane was racing another car Jan.

26 on Route reaching a speed of 80 mph. He also was fined $10 for driving without city license. A hearing was set for Feb. 22 for Thomas N. Cofer 27, of 1302 Porter charged with driving without a city license.

A hearing was set for Feb. 18 for Howard Dean Sheley, 27, of West Ash St. He is charged with careless and imprudent driving after striking the rear of a car Feb. 1 on South Providence Road. Robert J.

Freemeyer, 26, of 2620 White Gate was fined $15 for careless and imprudent driving. Freemeyer hit a parked car Friday on North Garth Aveque. Lawrence Hardy Crane, 29, Star Route, Sturgeon, was fined $50 for drunkenness. Crane was found slumped over the wheel of his parked car Sunday on Pershing Road. Jerry Lee Pauley, 18, Route 1, was fined $25 for careless and imprudent driving Friday on Route near the west gate of the Municipal Golf Course.

Glenn Otis West, 60, of 301 Sexton and Charles (Dub) Lane, 57, Harrisburg were each sentenced to 30 days in jail for being drunk yesterday. A hearing was set for Friday for Mrs. Bessie Lee Hamlin, 52, Rocheport, who was arrested Saturday in The Peg, 218 North Eighth St. for peace disturbance. John S.

Woodward, 26, of 106 Spring Valley was fined $45 for speeding Friday on iness Loop 70 near Seventh Street. Mrs. Mary Dunlop Smith, 37, of 701 West was fined $10 for careless and imprudent driving at Providence Road and Broadway Feb. 2. The Inca empire was founded in the 11th century, Petitions Hit Snag (Continued from Page 1) ance, I feel that the present Library director deserves support.

Furthermore, I fully support the regional library concept and believe that Columbia should play a vital roll in the Daniel Boone Regional Library. "Since the majority of the present Library Board appear to have lost the confidence of the people of the community, have somewhat reluctantly joined other citizens of Columbia in petitioning the Council to remove the present members of the Board. "I believe that new appointees to the Columbia Library Board should be men or women who are sympathetic to continuation and expansion of our already excellent library and who accept the need for strong Viet Nam (Continued From 1 Page 1) to Vance's briefing on Viet Nam that Committee Chairman L. Mendel Rivers, declined to even acknowledge that the committee had been briefed. Johnson, shoring up bipartis an support, summoned congressional leaders of both parties to sit in on the meeting.

The President's action came as some dissent was voiced in Congress to the American tion on bombing North Viet Nam military bases in retaliation for sneak attacks on American installations in South Viet Nam. Sen. Wayne Morse, who has called for U.S. withdrawal from the Asiatic try, said in a statement the United States now is "carrying out the war escalation plans that both the Pentagon and the State Department have been manipulating for the past several months." "It is a black page in American history and offers a dark future for peace," Morse said. In contrast, Sen.

A. S. Mike Monroney, who recently visited South Viet Nam, told a reporter he supports the President's I decision. "I am in favor of the hot pursuit theory of retaliation for attacks on us," Monroney said. "Unless we show the determination to stay in Viet Nam we will risk the loss of freedom for 1.5 billion Asians who otherwise would be pulled behind the Iron Curtain." Johnson's call for Republican and Democratic leaders to sit with the Security Council was in line with his actions in bringing both parties into the decisionmaking process on Viet Nam.

By this device he appears to have sidetracked a massive Republican attack Oil his Asian policies. Accidents Trucks owned by the city and the Columbia Ice Storage Co. collided in an alley on the north side of Shaw Music 13 North Tenth at 8:15 a.m. today. The eity truck driven by Elbert Junior Williams, 29, of 218 Lincoln failed to see the other truck parked behind him, and backed into it.

The second truck was driven by Bill Douglas Wooten, 29, 208 Sanford Ave. There was no damage to the city truck and minor damage to the other truck. No summons was issued. A car driven by Mrs. Stella B.

Sexton, 26, Route 1, collided with one driven by Jack Koppelman, University City, at 8:20 p.m. ye terday at North Ann Street, 150 feet north of Hinkson Avenue. A car driven by Michael Keith Andrews, 25, of 305 West Ash collided with one driven by Sehon Williams 42, of 509 Noble as Williams was try. ing to turn right on Switzler Street from Garth Avenue. The accident occurred at 11:50 a.m.

today. Andrews was issued a summons for following too closely. He is scheduled to appear municipal court Feb. 15. Centralia BPW Sends Donation To Butterfield Ranch CENTRALIA The Business and Professional Women's Club on Friday night voted to send 832 to the Butterfield Boy's Ranch, Marshall, to pay the expenses of a boy for one month.

The BPW previously had sent $25 to the ranch. Mrs. John Hartley presided at the meeting in the community room of the First National Bank. During the business session Mrs. Donna Strack and Mrs.

Mayson Palmer reported the Antique and Art Show tentativey is set for June 56. Antique dealers in the area are being and vigorous regional system." THE CITIZEN Committee also issued a statement today. It read: "If the mayor and Council see fit to appoint new board whose aim it would be to work co-operatively with the Regional Board in solving problems of contract and expenditure of funds, the splendid service which we in Columbia enjoy could be perpetuated and grow without jeapardy. Our neighbors also could continue to realize good service without diminishing to any degree the service Columbia has." The statement was over signature. The Committee campaign was started following the Columbia board action on Thursday.

The committee argues that the board has moved "to terminate the Regional Library contract before replacement has been agreed upon; that the Columbia board can give the public no assurance that other members of the Regional Board Boone, Callaway and Howard counties will desire to negotiate a new contract. The majority of the Columbia Board demands separate meetings. These neighbors have in the past deemed it mutually profitable to meet together and discuss their common concerns. The majority of the Columbia Board has created a climate of hostility and suspicion on a regional board that previously worked together in harmony. These several Columbia trustees have broken trust with citizens of Columbia.

Their latter to the City Council on Dec. 21 stated their support of regional system. Moreover they have regularly stated their hope for regional law from the General Assembly which would allow regional libraries to exist on other than present contractual arrangement. Such a law is being introduced in the General Assembly this week. Ins spite of this fact, the Columbia Board hastily proposes a different, federated library arrangement.

"THESE TRUSTEES have repeatedly disdained professional recommendations on site tion, and on Thursday, Feb. 4, urged the tabling of a motion to secure a cost analysis. Later the same night at their reconvened session, Mark Todd produced his own cost analysis on which his proposed library arrangement was based. "By placing an ad in the local newspapers on Sunday, Feb. 7.

the majority of the board gave clear testimony of their practice separate, not total board action. Also copies of Mr. Todd's resolution and proposal were given to two board members, Mrs. Raymond Young and RobHaverfield, only at the reconvened session on Thursday, Feb. 4, immediately following Regional Board meeting at which there was no indication the move to terminate the Regional Library contract.

The other five board members, it seemed obvious, were thoroughacquainted with the resolution and proposal. County Library Trustees have been holding informational meetings with the hope of raising their library levy from one mill to two mills an effort to supply additional services and facilities. However, because of the activities of the Columbia Library Board, making regional arrangement uncertain, Callaway trustees have stated that they are now unable proceed." The City Council was not pected to discuss the library situation when it meets tonight verify results of last Thursday's liquor referendum. 2 Chosen to Debate At Cape Girardeau Southeast Missouri State College, Cape Girardeau, has invited two University students to participate in a special debate tomorrow which will be taped by television station KFVS-TV, Cape Girardeau. The students, John E.

Miller and Ronald P. Larkin, will debate the negative side of the question "Resolved: That the Federal Government Should Institute Program of Public Work for the Unemployed," in cross style debate. Miller, of Monett, is a junior in Arts and Science. Larkin, St. Louis, is a sophom*ore in Arts and Science.

Two Going to Capital For Meeting on C.D. City manager Don Allard and James H. Lundsted, water and light director, will go to Washington tomorrow to meet with Civil Defense officials on using 20,000 small buzzers in homes as warning of nuclear attack or tornado, Columbia was picked along with several other cities to participate in this experiment. Allard and Lundsted will back in their offices Thursday. AMA Urges Substitute Health Plan The Weather Columbia and vicinity: Increasing cloudiness with chance for freezing rain or snow tonight and tomorrow.

Low tonight 25-30; high tomorrow in the lower 30s. EASTERN and SOUTHERN MISSOURI Increasing cloudiness northeast and central tonight, otherwise considerable cloudiness and continued cool tonight and Tuesday. Rain developing southwest sections tonight spreading over the area late tonight and Tuesday, possibly beginning as freezing rain or snow northeast and central sections. Lows tonight low to mid-20s northeast to mid to upper 30s Bootheel. Highs Tuesday low 40s south to mid-30s northeast.

THERMOMETER p.m. Yesterday a.m. 3, 58 58 58 56 57 55,45 39 35 33 32 a.m. Today. p.m.

9 30 30 29 29 28 28 30 33 34 Temperature at Columbia one year ago today: Highest 34; lowest 21. Temperature at Columbia this date since 1890: Highest 74 in 1943; lowest -16 in 1895, Sunrise tomorrow 7:08 a.m. Sunset 5:40 p.m. Precipitation Last 24 hours to midnight .05 This month to date .13 Same month last year to date .75 This year to 2.65 Last year to date .75 Normal this year to date 2.19 Relative humidity at 10 a.m. 70 per cent River Stages Kansas City 1.8 Down .5 Boonville 7.5 Up 4.8 Jefferson City 5.7 Up 2.4 Lake of Ozarks 57.2 Up .1 Fire Reports Combustible material left near water heater caught fire at the home of William Harvey, 2910 Troyer, at 9:12 p.m.

Saturday. Some smoke damage was done and a wall furnace had to be removed. No one was home when the fire started and neighbor turned in the alarm. Magistrate Trial was set for 1:30 p.m. Feb.

18 for Roy Hadley Herndon, 47, of 22 Pendleton and Robert Gene Coats, 26, of 13 Bryant Walkway, who pleaded not guilty of felonious assault at a.m. Saturday at 22 Pendleton St. Bond was set at $50 each. James Edward Comley, 39, of 2 Nebraska was fined $100 and costs and his driver's license was revoked for one year for driving while intoxicated in city truck at 10:20 p.m. Friday at Nebraska Aveque Providence Road.

Police Reports Norman L. Koeln, 105 West Broadway, was arrested for drunkenness at 1:30 a.m. yesterday. Bond was set at $25. He is to appear in court tomorrow.

Zeta Beta Tau fraternity, 915 Richmond reported its front door and grate stolen some time Saturday night. Lawrance Ira Rosenfield, 23, Minneapolis, was summoned to appear in court for making prohibited turn at 2:37 p.m. yesterday at Eighth Street and Broadway. John York Humbler, 23, Route 5, was summoned to appear in court Tuesday for running stop sign yesterday at Business 63 and Walnut Street. Mike Roth, 1114 Paquin reported the windshield wipers and signal lights were stolen from his car on Sunday.

Richard A. King, 20, Walnut Hills Trailer Park, was arrested at 10:00 a.m. Saturday for 13 unpaid traffic violations. Jonathan M. Graves, 20, 110 East Stewart was summoned to appear in court tomorrow for speeding 40 mph at 1:15 a.m.

yesterday on East Broadway and Hitt Street. W. Hurtt, Aurora, reported his gloves and coat had been stolen around 1 p.m. yesterday from the Tiger Hotel. M.

C. Royal, 22, of 615 Park was summoned at 4 a.m. yesterday to appear in Magistrate Court Feb. 16, for failure to display his car license and driver's license, and to city court Feb. 15, for failure obtain a city license.

Ralph E. Williamson, Rucker, was arrested for being AWOL since Dee. 21 10:45 p.m. yesterday at Providence Road and Interstate 70. He was hitchiking on Interstate 70 when police stopped him questioning.

He said be was planning to go to Kansas. Williamson had been stationed in Graften, from where was transferred Oct. 8. He was report to Ft. Rucker on Dee.

had failed to de so. Viet News Trims Stocks But Decline Is Halved WASHINGTON (AP) Representatives of the American Medical Association urged the House Ways and Means Committee today to reject the administration's health care program in favor of a plan built around state programs and using general federal tax funds. The prepared testimony by the AMA spokesman endorsed SO called "eldercare" program sponsored by Reps. A. Sydney Herlong and Tho mas B.

Curtis, R-Mo. The AMA's house of delegates voted in Chicago Sunday to "endorse and enthusiastically support" the eldercare plan. The Ways and Means Committee has been holding closed meetings on the administration program, sponsored by Sen. Clinton P. Anderson, N.M., and Rep.

Cecil R. King, Calif. It would be financed by a pay roll withholding tax and administered by the social curity agency. The AMA-backed plan would expand the existing Kerr-Mills Act. Cost would be paid by either the individual or by government or both, depending on the person's level of income.

General federal tax revenues would be used. Harrison Mayes, Columbia Native, Dies at Age 66 Harrison Mayes, 66, Columbia resident, died Saturday in California. He was born July 18, 1898, in Columbia to David Luther and Galla Lily Stone Mayes. A veteran of World War Mayes returned to Columbia to operate the Busy Bee Barbershop with his brother-in-law, the late Ruey McMinn. It was the frequent scene of checker tournaments.

He remained in Columbia until 1952 when he moved to California. Mayes lived in Elk Grove, until his death. Survivors include two sons, R. E. Mayes, Elk Grove, and Robert Mayes, Norwalk, three sisters, Mrs.

Ruey McMinn, 115 Sondra Mrs. Ralph Elkin, Route 7, and Mrs. Irl Muder, Lemon Grove, one brother, Glenn Mayes, Centralia; five grandchildren: Mrs. Harris Dies At Hallsville Funeral services will be at 2 p.m. tomorrow at Parker's Chapel for Mrs.

Iva Harris, 78, former Columbia resident, who died at 7:15 a.m. yesterday at the Hartley Nursing Home in Hallsville. She had been a tient there since July, 1963, The Rev. M. Glynn Burke will officiate at the funeral.

Mrs. Harris, who was born May 25, 1886, in Boone County, was the daughter of the late Caleb Anthony Fenton and Virginia Peal Hall Fenton. She was married to Thomas J. Turner, Hallsville. He died in 1919.

Mrs. Harris later married Thomas E. Harris, who died in 1949. A member of the Friendship Christian Church, Mrs. Harris is survived by one sister, Mrs.

Richard Davis, Hallsville, and several nieces and nephews. Five brothers and one sister died earlier. Burial will be in Friendship Cemetery. Public Works Assn. Paving Seminar Held One hundred and thirty-eight persons are attending a seminar on concrete and soil-cement street paving at a meeting of the Missouri chapter of the American Public Works Assn.

today and tomorrow at the Holiday Inn. The program is being presented in co-operation with the Portland Cement Assn. Past presidents of the chapter will be presented plaques by the current president, C. Larry Unland, St. Louis, at a banquet at 7 p.m.

today. They are: W. E. Hedges, Oklahoma City, 1958- 59; R. E.

Crews, Joplin, 1959-60; W. R. Miller, Sikeston, 1960-61; H. G. Poertner, St.

Louis, 1961- 62, and R. A. Beck, Columbia, 1962-63. Lewis Posts Bond In Fayette Robbery Larry Lewis, Columbia, one of three men arrested Saturday night in Columbia on a charge of armed robbery at McCutchcon's General Store in Fayette, posted $5,000 bond in Magistrate Court this morning at Fayette. Jack Harris of Fayette and Richard Key, 210 Providence are still being held in the Howard County jail.

A hearing was set for Feb. NEW YORK (AP)--The stock market took sharp losses on of the Viet Nam crisis but news halved the decline in late trading. Dealings were active. Volume for the day was estimated at 6.2 million shares compared with 5.69 million Friday. Here was the picture near the close: The list was lower from the start and showed its widest decline in the first hour.

Thereafter many losses were cut and more stock posted plus signs. In late dealings IBM was off more than 3, Eastman Kodak 2 and Du Pont more than a point. Steels and motors, which were off only moderately at their worst, posted a few plus signs and some were unchanged from Friday. A 1 P.M. Stocks NEW YORK (AP) 1 p.m.

stocks: p.m. Net Chg. Allis Chai Allied Admiral Ch cUb Am Airlines Am Am Cyan Motors 78 Am TI Am Tob 36 Anaconda Apco Oil Atchison Atlas Chem Avco Corp Beatr Fds 70 Beech Aire Beth Steel Boeing 65 Bran Airw 28 Celanese Cessna Air Chi Pac Chrysler 581 Cities Sve Com Sat Cont Can Cont Oil 76 Curtiss We Dow Chem Du Pont Eagle East Kod Emer El Emp El Finl Fed Firestone FMC Cp Ford Motors Gamble Sk 37 Gen Dynam Gen Elec Gen Motors Goodyear Here Pdr Int Bus Meh 440 Int Harv Int Paper Int Shoe XC Sou Ind Kan Kan Lone Cem SEES Cem Martin McCrory Mercant Middle Ut Mo Kan Tex Monsanto Mont Ward Morrell Nat Bisc Nat Byps NY CEntral No Am Av Nor Gas Nor Pac Okla Okla N. Gas Peab Coal Penney JC Pa RR Pet Milk Phill Pet Proe RCA Rayonier Reyn Met St Joe Lead St Reg Pap Sears Roeb Sperry Rd Socony Sinclair AAPAAD Std Cal Sid 0 Ind Std Sunray NJ DX PAR Thiokol Tidewat Oil 354 Tre Air Um Carbide Un Elec Rub Steel Unit Util Wests Woolworth El 27 Aerospace issues showed some small gains. Gold mining stocks rose.

Homestake and American South African added 1 each. Down a point or so were Phelps Dodge, Consolidated Edison, U.S. Gypsum, MGM and U.S. Smelting. Gains of about a point were made by Campbell Red Lake, Ling-Temoo-Vought, Alcoa and Wyandotte Worsted.

Corporate bonds were mixed. U.S. government bonds advanced. East St. Louis NATIONAL STOCKYARDS, Ill.

(AP) Estimated receipts for Tuesday: hogs calves 300; sheep 650. Hogs barrows and gilts weak to 25-50 lower; 150-300 lbs barrows and gilts 15.75 17.85; 280-700 lbs sows 13.75-16.00. Cattle calves 250; steers active; good to choice steers 20.50 23.25; good to choice heifers 18.00-22m50; good to choice vealers 20.00-34.00. Sheep 425; market not established. Douglass to Celebrate Negro History Week Douglass Elementary School will celebrate a century of Negro freedom and a half-century of scientific Negro history in its annual Negro History Week program 9:30 a.m.

tomorrow at the school. The program is presented in connection with Negro History Week, Feb. 7 through 14. Singing and devotions by the student body plus recitations by individual students highlight the program. Closing remarks will be made by C.

B. Walker, principal. Parkade Community Assn. Plans Meeting on New Swimming Pool All persons interested in discussing plans for a private swimming pool in Parkade Community are urged to attend a meeting of the Parkade Community Assn. at 7 p.m.

tomorrow in the Columbia National Bank community room. "ECON-ORISK" Economy Auto Insurance For NON-DRINKING DRIVERS RATES from OFF to OFF Standard Family Policy Rates America's Original Non-Drinkers Auto Insurance Company Oreferred Risk Mutual INSURANCE COMPANY R. F. "Bob" Miller Agency GI 3-7210 P.O. Box 775 1314 Garden Court Latest Stock Information Direct Wire to Principal Markets Call GI 9-6350 Edward D.

Jones Co. 207 Exchange Bank Bldg. Members New York Stock Exchange Glennview's Health Tips GOOD HEALTH: No. 13 FOR SALE When you have buying health a and prescription comfort filled, you're bargain prices. Today's drugs reduce the cost of medical care by hastening recovery.

For you, this may mean shorter hospital stay and a faster return to work. Good health is less care, possession. When your health needs a pricetake your prescription to Glennview Drugs for accurate, prompt service. asked to display their wares the show. Posters will publicize the show.

There was a discussion of the State BPW Convention to held in April in St. Louis, and the national convention. The October fall conference thi year will be held in Centralia. Plans are being made for table decorations. The next meeting will be Feb.

19, with dinner at Squires Cafe. The business meeting on world affairs, to be led by Mr Iva Palmer, will be held at the community room of the First National Bank. Glennview Broadway Drugs at 2nd GI 9-6980.

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